'The Inbetweeners': Prospects Build for a Sequel to British Box Office Smash

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Nicola Dove/Courtest of Film4

The bawdy comedy about four hapless teenage boys on vacation, which hit U.K. theaters Aug. 17, posted the country's No. 1 opening week of all time for a live-action comedy, taking in $32.9 million.

Co-creators Damon Beesley and Iain Morris suggest the follow-up will happen if they are happy with script.

LONDON – A follow-up to bawdy British box office comedy The Inbetweeners is being mulled by co-creators Damon Beesley and Iain Morris.

The original movie, made for $5.5 million and based on the original TV show of the same name, smashed box office records last year, laughing its way to $71 million a the U.K. box office alone.

Beesley told U.K. tabloid The Sun that a follow-up was being lined up and that he felt he would like to revisit his merry gang of crass characters again.

The movie followed four hapless teenage boy school leavers who go on holiday together to Crete, finding themselves in various typical scrapes with locals, alcohol and romantic entanglements.

Beesley told The Sun newspaper he "didn't want to give too much away at this stage but we have been developing an idea for a sequel."

Morris took to Twitter to confirm Beesley's best laid plans.

Asked if The Sun's story was true, he said: "Yes, but it's far from signed and like Damon said we want to make sure we have a good enough story to tell."

Beesley said his aim is "to make sure that we can do justice to a follow-up."

The film is set to unspool via Wrekin Hill in the U.S. from Sept. 7 and an American version of the cult British series recently launched on MTV.

Released by Entertainment Film Distributors, the Film4-backed movie project broke the record for biggest live action comedy, chortling its way to £20.2 million ($32.9 million) in its opening week on release in the UK.

It ended up being the UK's third highest grossing film in 2011, marginally behind The King's Speech (£45.68 million ($71.7 million)) and the out of sight number draw, Harry Potter And The Dealthly Hallows: Part 2 which took £73.1 million ($114.7 million).