'Inception' No. 1 overseas for third straight week

'Toy Story' firm at No. 2, 'Step Up' dances up a notch to 4

Warner Bros.' "Inception" took the No. 1 spot for the third consecutive stanza on the foreign theatrical circuit, drawing boxoffice of $35.9 million from 7,400 screens in 62 markets.

Over five rounds, director Christopher Nolan's sci-fi thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio has accumulated a total overseas gross of $315.4 million.

Foreign gross action for "Inception" is far swifter than that for DiCapiro's last starring vehicle, director Martin Scorsese's "Shutter Island," which drew a total of $161.3 million from the foreign theatrical circuit, most of which ($129.1 million) came from territories handled by Paramount.

"Inception's" top market overall remains the U.K. (market cume, $44.8 million) but the biggest weekend numbers were registered in Spain, where the film continued in the No. 1 spot with $2.9 million drawn from 498 screens for a market total of $10.5 million.

Millennium Films/Nu Image Films' "The Expendables" opened internationally day and date with the film's No. 1 domestic debut in about 20 markets via myriad territorial distributors.

Universal reports its No. 2 Spain opening of the Sylvester Stallone super-action vehicle, costarring Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts and Mickey Rourke, tallied an eventful $1.76 million from 399 sites.

Roadshow opened "The Expendables" No. 2 in Australia at 224 locations for $2.8 million. A Mexico debut generated $999,741 from 265 screens, No. 3 in the market.

Opening No. 4 in Australia was Universal's "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World," which drew $986,870 from its two-market foreign debut (including New Zealand) from a total of 213 screens. The Down Under tally for the comedy- fantasy costarring Michael Cera and Mary Elizabeth Winstead was $843,701 from 178 situations. A Russia opening is due this week.

The weekend's No. 2 title, "Toy Story 3," wound up two months on the foreign theatrical circuit with a cume of $539.3 million, making the Pixar/Disney 3D title the distributor's biggest-grossing animation release of all time overseas, surpassing 2003's "Finding Nemo" by $11.1 million.

A muscular Thailand debut propelled "Toy Story 3" to a $22.7 million overall from 7,773 venues in 50 markets. Top market is Japan where the threequel captured the No. 1 spot for the sixth consecutive round, leveraging the Obun national holiday to $6.26 million from 498 situations for a market cume of $96 million.

In the U.K, as per Disney, "Toy Story 3" remained No. 1 with an estimated $5.1 million drawn from 675 locations in its fourth round. Market cume stands at $91.5 million, making the threequel the market's biggest animation hit ever.

Opening in seven markets in Europe, South America and the Far East, Disney's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" bounced to $15 million on the weekend from 3,225 sites overall in a total of 41 territories. It ranks No. 3 on the weekend.

The Jerry Bruckheimer production costarring Nicolas Cage, Jay Baruchel and Alfred Molina has grossed $72.5 million so far offshore drawn from, Disney calculates, 65% of the international marketplace.

Biggest new markets were France (a dominant No. 1 with $4.75 million from 534 sites), Japan (No. 6 in the market with $3.4 million drawn from 328 spots), the U.K. ($2 million from 475 locations) and Brazil ($1.2 million from 225 screens). Worldwide gross for "Apprentice" stands at $132 million with openings in four markets, including Italy and Venezuela, due this week.

Tallying $13.2 million from 2,452 screens in 20 territories was Summit/Universal's "Step Up 3D," which has grossed a total of $32 million over two rounds so far, of which $14.3 million comes from territories handled by Universal. The third installment of the urban dance franchise finished No. 4 on the weekend.

Universal reports $3.7 million of "Step Up's" weekend total came from 655 dates in the three markets the distributor is handling: the U.K., Australia and New Zealand. The threequel opens this week in France, Switzerland and Singapore.

Since its foreign theatrical opening on July 21, Sony's "Salt" has collected total boxoffice of $83.1 million. On the weekend, the Cold War thriller starring Angelina Jolie drew $9.4 million from 2,905 locations in 48 territories, clinching the weekend's No. 5 spot.

Japan is its biggest market, throwing off $1.9 million from 326 spots, a mere 22% down from the prior weekend's figure. Sony says that "Salt" has nearly doubled the Japan market tally recorded by the 2001 Jolie-starring "Lara Croft: Tomb Raider," released by Paramount, with $16.9 million accumulated over 16 days.

Tied on the weekend were Paramount's "The Last Airbender" and Sony's "Grown Ups."

Director M. Night Shyamalan's 3D "Airbender" adaptation of the Nickelodeon TV series played 2,860 spots in 29 markets, drawing $9.3 million, while "Grown Ups," the Sony comedy starring Adam Sandler, drew its $9.3 million from 2,464 screens in 37 markets.

"Airbender's" foreign cume stands at $69 million (it opens in 11 markets this week including China, Australia, Germany, Korea and Brazil) while "Grown Ups" has grossed a total of $49.8 million overseas.

A first-place Norway bow and a No. 3 Japan debut ($3.3 million from 271 locations) helped Sony's "The Karate Kid" update costarring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith shoot past the $100-million foreign gross mark (actual cume, $107.5 million). Weekend action came in at $8.7 million drawn from 2,379 situations in 35 markets. Two big markets, France and Russia, open this week.

Warner's family-oriented "Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore" drew $8.2 million from some 4,107 screens in 32 markets, hoisting its overseas boxoffice cume to $22.7 million. A Japan opening is set for Aug. 21, with a Spain debut due the day before.

A No. 1 opening in Venezuela ($466,000 from 65 spots) plus first-place holdovers in Brazil and Mexico propelled "Despicable Me" to a $7.2 million weekend at 1,743 venues in a total of 25 territories. Foreign cume for Universal's family-oriented 3D animation voiced principally by Steve Carell stands at $55.8 million. A Poland bow is up for this week.

"Knight and Day" from 20th Century Fox is losing steam with a weekend tally $6.75 million drawn from 3,100 locations in 41 markets, moving the romantic action comedy's foreign cume to $140.3 million. Biggest market is Korea, where the Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz vehicle has grossed $13.5 million so far.

Opening smartly in Germany (No. 3 in the market) and Austria (No. 2) was Fox's action outing "The A-Team," which collected $5.5 million on the weekend from 1,654 screens in nine territories. Overseas gross total stands at $83.1 million.

After nearly three months on the foreign theatrical circuit, DreamWorks Animation's "Shrek Forever After" in 3D is still playing via Paramount, grossing $5.4 million on the weekend from 3,455 venues in 36 territories, and pushing its foreign gross total to $440.2 million. A China opening this week should boost the animation franchise's fourth installment's cume nicely.

In Korea, C.J. Ent.'s release of "The Man From Nowhere" remained a strong No. 1 for the second consecutive weekend, drawing $5.1 million from 529 locations. Director Jeong-beom Lee's local-language crime thriller has a market cume of $15.5 million.

Summit International's "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" continues to chug along offshore, drawing an estimated $3.1 million on the weekend from 3,262 screens in 57 territories. Foreign gross total stands, says Summit, at $380.6 million.

In France, Studio Canal premiered at No. 3 "Sammy's Adventures: The Secret Passage," the global-warming-themed Belgian animation feature in 3D and in English. Opening gross was a nifty $2.7 million from 577 screens. Universal is handling the film in The Netherlands where it has grossed $861,751 over 12 days.

Other international cumes: Fox's "Marmaduke," $32 million (thanks to a No. 1 Italy bow with $1.16 million drawn from 274 sites); Universal's "Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang," $62.6 million (after a $691,000 Korea bow at No. 8 in the market at 151 locales); DreamWorks/Paramount's "How to Train Your Dragon," $270.4 million; Universal's "Get Him to the Greek," $22.5 million; Fox's Predators," $61.9 million; Universal's "Hanni und Nanni," $5.66 million from Germany and Austria only; Fuji TV/Toho's "Bayside Shakedown 3: Set the Guys Loose," $73.5 million over seven Japan rounds; Universal's "Robin Hood," $205.5 million; and Universal's "Fatal," $8.9 million in France only.
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