Increase in ads no problem for

Nielsen study shows no decrease in customer satisfaction

LAS VEGAS -- The more ads the merrier on, according to new research Disney-ABC TV Group commissioned from Nielsen Media Research.

While many online video providers boast of limiting commercials to enhance the viewing experience, the Disney-Nielsen study found that doubling the ad load in a full-length program shown on didn't decrease customer satisfaction.

The research also discovered that increasing the number of brands from one to as many as four in a single episode not only didn't diminish the advertised brand or product, but actually improved perceptions of that advertiser.

"This presents an interesting opportunity for advertisers to really look at efficiencies and how we're managing our inventory," said Albert Cheng, executive vp digital media at DATG, at a NATPE panel, Wednesday. "We can actually increase deliver, reach and frequency by looking at a model that will have more sponsors and more ads."

Also on the panel was Donna Speciale, president of investments and activation at Mediavest Worldwide, who applauded researching viewer appetite for online commercials but also cautioned the Internet video's appeal lies in not providing the levels of commercialization on TV.

"The key is what is that very fine line and balance before we push them over the edge of being pissed," Speciale said.

Speciale also cited the recent announcement from Vivaki in its recent effort to corral major online brands to dwindle the number of ad formats in online video. "We need to figure out if there's a standardization for this because the advertiser can't afford to do different creative for all the content providers and places we want to go."
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