Jessica Williams Talks Diversity in Film and Her "Incredible" Starring Turn

"I was really excited to play a woman who wasn't like, 'Sorry, I'm alive,'" says the star of Netflix's 'Incredible Jessica James.'

Jessica Williams is best known for her time as a correspondent on The Daily Show, but she makes her starring turn in the Netflix film The Incredible Jessica James. The dramedy stars Williams as a Brooklyn playwright who is recovering from personal and professional rejection.

Williams describes her character as dynamic, honest and complicated. "Oftentimes as women and women of color, we are put as supporting characters in other people's narratives," she explains. "With Jessica James, she is the star of her own narrative."

Chris O'Dowd, Lakeith Stanfield and Noel Wells are also among the cast of the film, written and directed by Jim Strouse specifically for Williams. It debuted at Sundance and hits Netflix on July 28.

Watch the full interview above.