Independent thinker


As chairman of London-based Independent Talent Group, Duncan Heath oversees a who's who of British talent and, when he remembers their names, supports the old-fashioned idea that it is the agent that works for the talent, not the other way around. He may love fast cars, race horses, boats and own an Indian motorcycle company, but Heath says that striking the deal is still what makes this particular 62-year-old tick. The colorful agent's personal client list includes Michael Caine, Martin Campbell, Joe Wright, Steve Coogan, Mike Newell and Derek Jacobi. In front of the camera, Independent reps Daniel Craig, Alan Rickman, Ian McKellen, Kate Beckinsale, Rachel Weisz and Gary Oldman (and shares some clients in the U.S. with CAA). Heath talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the U.K. scene, his management buyout of ICM London and why he'll be an agent until the day he dies.