India biz has a new 'Face'

Producers directory available at Cannes pavilion

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CANNES -- To facilitate foreign co-production in India, a new producers' directory called "The Changing Face of Indian Cinema" is now available at the India Pavilion.

Jointly prepared by the Government of India, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and ASSOCHAM, and written by Supreme court advocate Pavan Duggal, the comprehensive guide details regulations on co-productions and international property rights in India.

"Entertainment industry in India even in a time of slowdown is growing at a faster rate than the average GDP of our country," said Sushma Singh, Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcast.

Singh added that the book's concept evolved as a result of increased enquiries on filming in India at this year's Berlin film festival.

The number of foreign films shot in India has more than doubled in the past three years to20 films shot in 2008, said V.B. Pyarelal, the Ministry's Joint Secretary. For successful filmmaking in India his advise to co-producers is to find a good line producer.

A directory of line producers in India is in the works and will be released next year. Pyarelal's concern, however is to keep travel agents (posing as line producers) out of this guidebook.
The directory is available at the India Pavilion and can be downloaded free on