India clips 'Angels' wings

Film receives adult rating but cleared for distribution

NEW DELHI -- "Angels & Demons" has been cleared for release after cuts by India's censor board that gave the film an "A" (Adults, for viewers above age 18) certificate, taking into account the views by Christian groups here who had opposed the film's release.

Sony Pictures Releasing India confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter on Friday that "Angels" will release here on May 29 -- instead of the film's worldwide release date of May 15 -- and include dubbed versions in Hindi, Tamil and Telegu.

Following reports that Christian groups were against the film's release, the Mumbai-based Central Board of Film Certification organized a private screening of the film for Christian groups like the Catholic Bishops Council of India. "We wanted to first take their opinions to see what issues they had with the film before taking a final decision on the certification," CBFC regional officer Vinayak Azaad said.

"After seeing the film, we requested the CBFC to delete some scenes depicting violence and strong language and to give the film an 'A' certificate," CBCI spokesperson Father Babu Joseph said. "We were never really demanding a ban on the film but only wanted to ensure that the film doesn't end up portraying any distortions which could mislead viewers. Otherwise, 'Angels' is like any typical Hollywood thriller."