India Eisley to Star in Thriller Series 'Socio'

Socio Still - H 2016
Taren Maroun/Courtesy of Astronauts Wanted

Socio Still - H 2016

Bernie Su has penned the series about a tech savant on the hunt for a serial killer.

Judy McGrath's Astronauts Wanted has teamed with digital studio Canvas for drama series Socio

The crime thriller stars India Eisley (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) as Jordan, a teen tech savant who teams with a morally questionable police detective to catch a serial killer. But with every case, Jordan must confront the darkness inside her.

The series was created, written and directed by Canvas co-founder Bernie Su, who explains that the idea for the series began as a way to "dive into the mind of a teenage sociopath who operates on social media."   

Socio — which is meant to evoke the words "sociopath" and "social media" — came out of a partnership between Astronauts Wanted, the joint venture between former MTV CEO McGrath and Sony Music Entertainment, and Canvas, which The Lizzie Bennet Diaries creator Su launched with David Tochterman last year. 

The project follows on both groups' past work in the field of transmedia, where stories span more than one genre. Because Jordan uses social media in the show, the character's story will extend beyond the series into social media accounts in the real world, where fans can follow along. AW chief creative strategist Nick Shore explains that the social media elements are "baked into the entire development process" as a way to experiment with "the whole possibility of non-linear storytelling."

The pilot for Socio has already been shot and AW and Canvas are shopping the series to premium digital distributors. Executives from both companies say they envision it running as a full-length drama series but are seeking digital distribution in part because it would allow for greater integration of the transmedia elements. 

McGrath, Shore, Su and Tochterman are executive producing.