India film preservation for Adlabs facility


The film and entertainment services arm of Reliance ADA Group, the Bollywood giant that inked a high-profile deal with DreamWorks last year, is entering the restoration outsourcing business.

Adlabs Films has launched a 90,000-square-foot digital restoration and content processing services facility in Mumbai, which intends to employ 1,200 within a year.

The unit begins operations with 300 employees and a contract for digitization and digital restoration of 1,000 films preserved by the National Film Archive of India.

Addressing a growing concern about film preservation in Hollywood and built to comply with MPAA standards, the Adlabs business is targeting international studios, TV networks, library owners and mobile companies.

"The globalization of media services is well under way," Adlabs CEO Anil Arjun said. "Adlabs is uniquely positioned, having significant and several years of experience in handling film media in various formats."

The venture was developed to offer restoration, encoding, transcoding, compression authoring, format and standards conversion, duplication and dubs, meta tagging, repurposing/versioning, quality control, broadcast logistics and archiving. (partialdiff)

To support these services, the company will be looking to hire postproduction talent at a time when Hollywood is challenged and India's entertainment infrastructure is growing. The domestic visual effects community already has started to look to Bollywood for jobs. Some Western postproduction talent has also been attracted to India.

Adlabs has some additional resources that it brings to its new business. Burbank-based restoration services business Lowry Digital is a subsidiary of Adlabs, and it will share client relations and resources with the Mumbai facility. (partialdiff)