India to Get Local Version of 'Beauty and the Geek'

Fox 21

Show will air on Star’s youth outlet Channel V.


NEW DELHI --The Indian version of Beauty and the Geek will unfurl Saturday on broadcaster Star India’s youth and music outlet Channel V.

Star India executive VP and general manager, Channel V Prem Kamath said, ”This show becomes really interesting in the Indian context. Culturally, our society has always placed great emphasis on both beauty as well as on brains and academic achievement. This show brings these two together in a way that has never been done before.”

Beauty and the Geek has been licensed from Twentieth Century Fox by Mumbai-based production house Bulldog Media & Entertainment which earlier co-produced a local version of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

The original premise of Beauty and the Geek consists of a group of young women who have relied primarily on their looks and a group of young men who have relied primarily on intellect rather than social aptitude or looks who are paired up to compete as couples for a shared prize.

Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution, VP Sales, Asia, Brendan Zauner said, “In whatever country the show has been localized it has managed to strike a chord with the local population and go on to ratings success; I don’t see it being any different for India. I think viewers are in for a real treat and I look forward to the show becoming a regular fixture on Channel V.”

Beauty and the Geek already has 23 local versions to date in various countries and with its launch in the Indian market, the series will be making its debut in the Asia region.

Bulldog co-founder and joint managing director Ramit Bharti Mittal said, "This is a social experiment, not a dating show. We want to see what happens when you put a group of good-looking girls and geeky guys together. With the Beauty and the Geek Hindi language version, we will start the process of rolling out more successful international television franchises in India.”

Bulldog is also planning upcoming Indian versions of acclaimed formats such as The Contender, Apprentice and America’s Next Top Model.