India lifts ban on Fashion TV


NEW DELHI -- The Indian Information and Broadcasting Ministry announced Friday that it has revoked the 60-day ban imposed on Fashion TV (HR 3/29).

The Paris-based channel was banned on March 29 for "showing programs that are against good taste and decency, denigrate women and are likely to adversely affect public morality."

Friday's statement from the I&B Ministry said that the ban, which was to continue through May 30, has been revoked "subject to the condition that the suspended period of prohibition of six days shall be added to the penalty in case of any future violation of the Cable Act rules."

The statement added that FTV "regretted their error and assured that such error will not be repeated in future. They have assured that they have put in place a strict vigilance committee to oversee the program content telecast on FTV ... and that any programming considered inappropriate by the ministry will be immediately removed."

The ban specifically mentioned certain FTV programs such as "Midnight Hot," which featured clips of lingerie catwalk shows interspersed with photo shoots of skimpily clad models, often topless.

In mid-January, the Indian government imposed a 60-day ban on Sony Entertainment Television's AXN channel because one of its shows, "The World's Sexiest Advertisements," was considered objectionable. The ban was lifted 15 days ahead of its expiration following an apology by AXN.