Indian newscasters propose code


NEW DELHI -- Criminal acts against women, nudity and overt violence are just some of the content images that will be strictly controlled under a proposed new code of ethics and broadcast standards in India.

The News Broadcasters Assn., an umbrella body representing such leading private newscasters as New Delhi Television and Network18, unveiled the proposed standards Wednesday. The document is now with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting awaiting ratification.

The ministry has been working on an overall broadcast bill that also addresses issues ranging from content regulation to revised foreign investment norms, for which it has sought industry feedback.

If any NBA member is found to violate the code, the Disputes Redressal Authority can impose fines up to $2,500 (100,000 rupees) in addition to proposing to the government punitive actions such as cancellation of broadcasting licenses.

The general public can lodge a complaint against any broadcaster by paying a complaint fee of $25 (1,000 rupees).