Indian star's tormentor kicked off 'Big Brother'


LONDON - British reality television star Jade Goody, accused of racism and bullying after heated arguments with a fellow contestant from India, was voted off the "Celebrity Big Brother" show Friday.

The 25-year-old was widely expected to be evicted by public vote, after her verbal assaults on Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty caused an outcry in Britain and India and prompted around 40,000 viewers to complain about the show.

The contestants, who are kept on a special compound where they are filmed 24 hours a day, will know little of the controversy the show has triggered.

Channel 4, which airs the program, canceled a planned news conference on Friday with the evictee and banned crowds that normally greet him or her as they exit the house.

The row has prompted intense debate about whether Shetty's treatment constitutes racism, and to what extent the unseemly scenes that have reduced the 31-year-old to tears are a reflection of British society.

Shetty, an A-list Indian star, has been called a "dog" on the show. Housemates refused to learn her name and referred to her as "the Indian" and "poppadom".

A major sponsor of the show pulled out, two contestants have had commercial deals suspended or canceled and top politicians have weighed into the row.
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