Indian 'Vinny' seeking Fox OK


An authorized Indian adaptation of 1992 hit "My Cousin Vinny" may soon be approved by 20th Century Fox for Ravi Chopra's B R Films, the Mumbai-based director said Monday, signaling a move toward a greater respect for intellectual property.

An officially endorsed "Vinny" adaptation could be a sign of change in a country where filmmakers rarely obtain official permission for adaptations or remakes of foreign films.

As Hollywood gets aggressive at the Indian boxoffice and Bollywood films gain popularity in overseas markets, Chander Lal, the MPA's New Delhi-based legal counsel, said: "It's time that respect for intellectual property becomes a regular practice."

Chopra, who heads the 5-decade-old B R Films, said Fox had given approval "in principle" to make the adaptation, adding: "We are now in the final stages of working out the contract and legalities."

Chopra said he will direct the Hindi "Vinny" with the working title "Pappu Paas Ho Gaya" (Pappu Has Passed), set to star popular comic actors Govinda and Boman Irani along with actress Lara Dutta.

"We will only use the basic story line of the original film because my film is not a remake," Chopra said.

The original "Vinny" starred Joe Pesci as Vinny Gambini, a struggling lawyer who argues a case to free his accused cousin.