India's Adlabs teams for multisensory cinemas


NEW DELHI -- Mumbai-based Adlabs Cinemas announced Friday a partnership with Israel-based Cinema Park Network to offer multisensory cinemas in India.

The interactive solution gives viewers a chance to experience films via sight, sound, touch and motion.

"We will open our first site in Agra. Conventional movies can be upgraded to the multisensory cinema age, while brand new content can be produced especially for this medium," said Tushar Dhingra, COO of Adlabs, India's biggest multiplex chain.

Adlabs, which operates more than 100 screens nationwide, also runs two Imax screens in Delhi and Mumbai.

Only one multisensory cinema installation currently exists. Based near Delhi, it is run by an independent exhibitor.

Cinema Park Network will upgrade selected Adlabs cinemas with features like motion-equipped seats. Specially created content includes educational programs and "Wonders of the World -- India in Motion," which will take viewers on a 30-minute India tour.

"We are proud that India, which is a central axis in the film industry, is joining our global network," Cinema Park Network CEO Ori Yardeni added.

Cinema Park's 400-plus installations include the Millennium Pavilion at Disney World in Orlando.