Indie 'A Year and Change' Follows a Man on a Mission to Reinvent Himself (Exclusive Video)

Bryan Greenberg stars in the film, which will premiere at the Dances With Films Festival in Los Angeles.

An estranged son, alcoholism and a failed marriage make for a selfish and moody — "no, taciturn" — vending machine proprietor named Owen. However, a drunken fall from the rooftop of a New Year's Eve party and a broken arm serve as his wake-up call to make some necessary changes in his life.

In the comedy/drama A Year and Change, director Stephen Suettinger portrays Owen's (played by Bryan Greenberg) journey to rebuilding his circle of family and friends around him. Throw in an unattainable love interest, Vera — played by Claire van der Boom — and the threat of losing his son to a cross-country move, and he has ample incentive to get back on the straight and narrow. 

Fellow divorcee Vera is off limits because she's "never been single before; she wants to date a little bit" — an excuse Owen tells his friend to prove he's not in love with her. Nevertheless, clips in the trailer show him growing closer to her, as well as his son, in a sweet scene where the father and son bond on the baseball diamond.

As Owen attempts to change for the better and not define his year with drunken mishaps like the one on New Year's Eve, he helps those around him and re-establishes relationships.

Suettinger and Emily Ting produced the film, which is based on a script by Suettinger and co-writer Jim Beggarly.

A Year in Change will premiere on June 6 at the Dances with Films festival in Los Angeles. Here, The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a new festival trailer and poster for the film. Watch it below.