Indie 'Conquest' re-enters U.S.


"The Other Conquest" (La Otra Conquista), a Mexican film about the Aztecs' struggle against the Spanish conquerors in the 16th century, is getting a second chance at a theatrical release — seven years after its first bowed theatrically in the U.S.

Indie distributor Union Station Media, the new joint venture between Canada's Alliance Atlantis Motion Picture Distribution and Australia's Arclight Films, will rerelease the film May 4 on 50 screens in Texas, Nevada and Fresno, Calif., as well as in Mexico. On May 11, it will open in New York and go wider in Texas, moving on in subsequent weeks to markets where there is a significant Hispanic population. There are no plans to play the film in Los Angeles, where it appeared during its first release.

Written and directed by Salvador Carrasco and produced by Alvaro Domingo, the film stars Damian Delgado ("Men With Guns"), Elpidia Carrillo ("Tortilla Heaven"), Jose Carlos Rodriguez and Inaki Aierra. Placido Domingo is executive producer and is featured on the soundtrack singing an aria composed for the movie.

"Conquest" was first released in Los Angeles, Orange Country, Palm Springs and Santa Barbara in April 2000. It grossed nearly $1 million during its initial run. But plans to expand to the rest of the country were dropped when its distributor ceased operation. It also has not been released on DVD.

" 'The Other Conquest' is one of the most important Mexican films ever produced, remarkable not only for its cinematic quality but also for its entertainment value and humanism," Union president Paul Gardner said. "It's a joy to do this. A lot of people are finally going to have the opportunity to see a truly great film."