Indie Icons: Morgan Spurlock on 'Super Size Me' and 'One Direction: This Is Us' (Video)

The writer-director talks about the whirlwind that proceeded his Oscar nomination, the feeling of vindication upon the capture of Osama Bin Laden, his collaboration with comic book god Stan Lee and working with the U.K.'s hottest boy band.

Multi-hyphenate Morgan Spurlock is a busy man.

He sat down with The Hollywood Reporter in the midst of doing press for the launch of his new CNN show, Inside Man, and as his latest feature length documentary, One Direction: This Is Us,  is nearing completion. The film is in post-production to be ready for release in theaters August 30.

Spurlock, a native West Virginian, graduated from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts to pursue his dream of making movies.  Among his initial gigs were working as a PA on Luc Besson's The Professional and honing his marketing instincts as he worked on new product branding campaigns for Sony, experiences that helped define his signature style as a filmmaker.

After working primarily in TV, his first feature film was the Oscar-nominated Super Size Me, and with that initial success Spurlock's career found a new stride. What followed were titles including Where In the World Is Osama Bin Laden?, Comic-Con IV: A Quest For Hope, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold and the upcoming big-budget music documentary One Direction: This Is Us.

In talking about the boy band at the center of his latest project, Spurlock notes, "What's surprising is just how big they are. We're staying with them Paris or we're with them in Mexico City and there's 5,000 girls outside the hotel just waiting, all day long." Spurlock concedes that his own fandom has never reached that scale for anything, but "that's the crazy part of the whole thing, and it's so great in the film to see."