Indie Rights Takes Irish Drama 'A Bend in the River' Globally (Exclusive)

John Duddy in A Bend in The River
MK1 Studios

John Duddy in 'A Bend in The River'

The semi-autographical story directed by author Colin Broderick follows a writer who returns from New York to Northern Ireland for the first time in 25 years.

Indie Rights has swooped on worldwide distribution rights for the Irish drama A Bend in the River, directed by bestselling author Colin Broderick (Church’s End, Orangutan, That’s That).

Starring Madison Square-winning boxer-turned-actor John Duddy (Emerald City), IFTA-nominated Kathy Kiera Clarke (Derry Girls) and John Connors (Cardboard Gangsters), the semi-autobiographical story follows struggling writer Matt Donnelly (Duddy), who returns from New York to Northern Ireland for the first time in 25 years. Matt faces the ghosts of his past (Clarke); an abusive teacher, his dead mother, and his childhood best friend, who sacrificed an easier life to stay at home and fight during The Troubles. Newcomers Nicola Boyle, Johnny Mc Connell, and Brendan Broderick also star.

"A Bend in the River is my attempt to finally come to terms with a childhood tainted by the residue of war," said Broderick. "It is my love poem to Northern Ireland. The writer Matt Donnelly is the physical embodiment of the North of Ireland. He returns to confront the ghosts of his past: the violence, the confusion, the heartache. Like the place itself, he emerges from it all, reborn. Ultimately, A Bend in the River is a movie about the power of forgiveness."

Acquired by Indie Rights from MK1 Studios, the film is now due for a combined digital and theatrical release from March.

"We are thrilled to be working with MK1 Studios and Colin Broderick to bring A Bend In The River to global audiences," said Indie Rights founder Linda Nelson. "With its universal themes of loss, romance, and self-discovery, it’s a moving drama that audiences from all over the world will enjoy.” I think Colin has a great eye for talent, combined with such a moving story, beautiful cinematography, and a poignant and moving soundtrack filmed in beautiful County Tyrone. It makes for a beautiful, cathartic, and engaging experience."

MK1 Studios’ Julie Ryan commented: "The movie is an exploration of identity at a crucial time in Northern Irish politics, at a time when Irish people are once again reconsidering the notion of what it means to be Irish. Our cast and crew were very talented and the locals were a joy to collaborate with in Tyrone to bring this movie to life."

A Bend in the River was produced by Ryan and exec produced by Josh Brolin, Con McCormack, and Don Cisternino. The film was shot exclusively in County Tyrone, Ireland. Edited by Mike Foott and Jon Greenhalgh. Music by Colm Mac Con Iommaire.

Nelson negotiated on behalf of Indie Rights. Ryan and attorney Conor McElroy on behalf of MK1 Studios.