Indie Spirit Awards Presenters' Swag: AMC 1-Year Passes, New Balance Shoes, Crunch Memberships

Maury Phillips/Getty Images
Wilmer Valderrama and Jason Isaacs

The free stuff given out at last weekend could probably bankroll an independent movie -- or two.

Jason Isaacs and Wilmer Valderrama, stars of the new NBC TV series, Awake (premieres March 1), woke up in the Official Presenter Gift Lounge taking place in a large tent backstage at the 2012 Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica on Saturday.

Immediately, reporters, sensing fresh celebrity meat, pounced on the hot actors, demanding to know why they’d come into the swag suite. “We came to support independent film but what’s not to like when you go into a tent and people give you free s---,” remarked Isaacs, adding, ”The irony is that most of the stars here leave groaning with bags of swag worth more than it cost to get their independent films made.”

Good point. This guy's smart. Turns out the actor, born in Liverpool, the birthplace of the Beatles, has a law degree from England's Bristol University. 

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Asked what the best swag was that he’d ever gotten, Valderrama admitted that he usually gets lots of anti-aging cream but that he'd once gotten a car. Isaacs looked impressed.

After turning down free packets of Emergen-C drink powder from a disappointed blonde in turquoise sequin hot pants, the guys headed off for manly swag. “Things that plug in, you know, guy swag,” Isaacs explained. Both men stopped first at the New Balance booth for pairs of sleek New Balance 1400 training shoes.

Then they picked out pairs of Cult of Individuality jeans and hit the Bowers & Wilkins booth, showcasing a new pair of personal headphones (that won’t be available to non-celebs for several weeks) and picked out free pairs of Cult of Individuality jeans.

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Other presenters including John Waters, Terrence Howard, John Hawkes, Benjamin Bratt, Lucy Liu, Sarah Paulsen, Shailene Woodley, Anna Kendrick, William H. Macey, and Penelope Anne Miller also snagged new Marchon eyewear and colorful New Balance 1400s. And no one left without a new Crunch 1-year free membership and their new Signature AMC Card that gives the star and a guest free movies for a year at 300 AMC Theatres around the U.S.

If you ever see a famous person in a movie at an AMC theatre, chances are they got in free. Kind of annoying, isn't it? And of course, every celebrity presenter graciously accepted their free weekend stays in luxurious suites at New York City’s Ritz-Carlton, overlooking Central Park.

It’s good to be famous. 

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