Indie Stream: David Sedaris Adaptation 'C.O.G.' Hits VOD

C.O.G. one sheet - P 2013

The first film based on the work of the popular humorist premieres online, while "Drinking Buddies" continues to find its audience.

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David Sedaris has a rabid fan base.  When he tours with a new book it resembles a hot band out promoting their new album, complete with eight-hour lines and sold out theaters.  So when C.O.G., the first movie Sedaris has allowed to be adapted from one of his stories, is released today -- in 12 cities and onDemand --  it theoretically should have a built-in audience.  Working against distributor Focus World, though, are C.O.G.’s mixed reviews, many of which are of the opinion director Kyle Patrick Alvarez failed to capture Sedaris’ tone and humor.

So how did Alvarez get Sedaris to even consider allowing him to adapt C.O.G.?  He gave him a copy of his award winning short Easier with Practice after one of the author’s book readings (trailer at the bottom).

Last weeks’ two streaming premieres, Blue Caprice (#4) and The Informant (#5), found their way into the Top 5 on iTunes' Independent charts, trailing only wider releases like the Bling Ring and Drinking Buddies.   Speaking of Drinking Buddies, it has now been available on VOD since July 25, yet remains one of the 20 (#19) most downloaded movies on all of iTunes.  Meanwhile, since its theatrical debut (Aug. 23),  Buddies continues to add theaters and cities every week, making it one of the biggest success stories of the "available before it’s in theaters" releases. 

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Next week we are anticipating the release of the popular music doc Muscle Shoals and Mr. Nobody, which premiered in Venice four years ago and has quickly gained cult film status, but has taken forever to reach an American audience.  More next week on this film’s long journey.