IndiePix chief plays up role of festivals


LONDON -- IndiePix president Bob Alexander, in town for this year's two-day International Film Festival Summit, said Wednesday that the role of festivals is to grow the independent film sector.

Alexander told delegates, drawn largely from festivals across Europe, that while the economics of a traditional theatrical distribution are, in his opinion, "broken," there is a major role for festivals to play in helping to develop alternative audiences.

Speaking at London's Cumberland Hotel during a panel discussion on alternative distribution routes, he said that re-creating the social experience of going to the theater to watch movies is what the festivals are and should be doing.

Alexander, whose company cuts DVD deals directly with filmmakers and returns the lion's share of revenue to the talent behind the lens, also told The Hollywood Reporter that a pact has been struck with Channel 4 to air the IndiePix executive produced documentary "Billy the Kid."

IndiePix provided finishing finance and theatrical release support for Jennifer Venditti's debut documentary. The deal with Channel 4 was brokered by international sales rep Annie Roney.