InDplay in demand at market

Empty, an online marketplace for filmed content said on Sunday that  it will help Allied Artists Corp. sell its 20,000-plus titles, and is in talks with three other film libraries at the American Film Market interested its B2B licensing management system.

Listing titles on inDplay is free and commissions are charged only if film, TV or video rights are sold through the site run by the Silicon valley-based start-up, backed by investment from Google founder Eric Schmidt and newspaper heir William R. Hearst III, executives said.

"Libraries of vast unsold inventories of films and videos have not generated their true value. inDplay makes it possible for rights holders to efficiently turn these assets into meaningful revenue," CEO Goetz Weber, said.

The deal will help Allied gain broad exposure for its library, Andrew Stern, company counsel said. "Allied's challenge was that it was not economically viable to prepare the materials and proper licensing agreements to sell such a large library into multiple platforms and territories," Stern said.

Executives from Hollywood Classics, Nordisk, and Allied Entertainment Group, confirmed they are in discussions with inDplay at AFM.

"It's refreshing to have someone come to us with a workable online model that replicates what we do face-to-face," John Flynn the head of the L.A. office of London-based Hollywood Classics.

James Moder, chairman of West Hollywood-based Allied Entertainment, said inDplay quoted him an eight% commission on sales.

"This appeals to us because it will get our titles greater exposure at a low cost with non-traditional buyers such as people in new media," Moder said.