Industry Picks: Gaby Hoffman, Ellie Kemper, More Reveal Favorite New York Movies

Mistress America Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox

Mistress America Still - H 2015

While Noah Baumbauch's Big Apple-comedy 'Mistress America' gets released, several actors honor Scorsese, Allen and Warhol as the filmmakers that capture the bright lights, big city.

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Mike Birbiglia
Actor, Orange Is the New Black, Trainwreck

Annie Hall and Manhattan. "Those are two of the best-shot New York films. Gordon Willis is one of the greatest cinematographers of all time. 

Edward Burns
Actor-creator, Public Morals

Mean Streets. "I love the relationship between Keitel and De Niro. It’s that complicated relationship you have with someone you were tied to as a child."

Diablo Cody
Writer, Ricki and the Flash

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. "It perfectly captures the magic of being on the loose in the city when you’re young and feeling that excitement and energy for the first time."

Jackie Collins
Author, The Santangelos

The Godfather. "I love it. The guys are so sexy. James Caan is so brilliant and all the actors were brilliant. I try to watch it every year."

Jennifer Coolidge
Actress, 2 Broke Girls

After Hours. "I lived in New York in the ’80s and boy, did I have those evenings. People think [it’s just] a movie, but it was possible. I can’t believe I’m still alive."

Gaby Hoffmann
Actress, Transparent

An Unmarried Woman. "Jill Clayburgh — what a gorgeous, incredible, sexy, funny, brilliant performance. That’s the kind of woman I want to see stories about."

Ellie Kemper
Actress, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Woody Allen’s Bullets Over Broadway. "It’s so funny, and then it gets really dark and complicated and upsetting. And then it comes out again."

Lorraine Toussaint
Actress, Rosewood

Funny Girl. "There’s a great shot of [Barbra] Streisand on the ferry singing with the Statue of Liberty in the background. I take that ferry, and I never look like that. It’s not fair."

John Waters

Chelsea Girls. "Because it was Mary Woronov and Brigid Berlin, my two favorite Warhol girls! Fag hags shooting up — that’s my kind of world."