InfoComm Review, Vol. 11, No. 1 


This issue's articles include:

Who's in the Driver's Seat?
Increasingly, consumers are looking for a lifestyle media experience that allows them to discover new content and services and choose how to distribute them. The solution just may be a media marketplace, where content providers, advertisers, and consumers interact for the discovery, selection, configuration, distribution, and value exchange of professionally produced and user-generated content.

Winning the Fraud Game
The risk of telecom fraud is increasing due to several factors: the ongoing drive for greater efficiency, the flattening of organizational structures, and rapid and continual changes to telco business operations. Now is the time for telcos to put in place antifraud programs to secure their business against future attacks on their integrity and revenue streams.

Finding the Winning Formula
The past year has seen the return of infocomm deals. The sector is not only consolidating but also opening up new horizons, reflecting much wider and more sweeping change around technology, customers, and business models. Investment is under way across the industry to strengthen future strategies with a vast range of players---many of which have never come into direct competition with one another before.

Perspectives -- An Interview with Paul E. Jacobs
Here, QUALCOMM CEO Paul E. Jacobs talks about his company's focus on innovation and integration, partnerships, and the profound impact that the wireless Internet will have on the world.

The need to find and apply fresh thinking pervades the articles in this latest issue of InfoComm Review. Each piece investigates the theme from a different perspective, offering important insights to senior telecom executives wrestling with the challenges of reshaping their operations for the high-speed, high-bandwidth, always-on world. Whether capturing and engaging tomorrow's consumer, securing your business reputation or integrating merger partners in a consolidating industry, our authors have valuable ideas and experience to impart.

Intended Audience: This quarterly publication is appropriate for CEOs, CFOs, and other executives at both wireless and wireline telecommunications companies around the world. It may also be of interest to select executives at cable companies.