InfoComm Review, Vol. 11, No. 2


In the current world of telecommunications, telecom operators' roles seem to change daily: Satellite broadcast companies are entering the broadband market, cable operators are offering quadruple play services, and incumbent telcos are providing HDTV. The convergence of telecoms and digital media will cause the reshaping of these industries during the next several years. Is this the birth of a new industry, or merely a merger? One theme is clear: The process of convergence around digital communications technology is now driving rapid, pervasive change that encompasses products, services, customers, and regulation. Given this state of flux, the articles in this issue of InfoComm Review explore how telecom operators worldwide are reshaping and restructuring their businesses to face the reality that is now emerging.

Overview: The theme of this issue of InfoComm Review is changing shape. The articles explore how telecom operators worldwide are reshaping and restructuring their businesses to face the converged reality that is now emerging.

Tailor Made
-- For years, telcos have talked about being focused on customers, but organizationally they remain aligned internally along separate product silos. As consumers have more choices and new competitors enter the market, success by those companies who align themselves around customers' current and future needs.

Remote Control
-- As telcos seek ways to reduce costs and to enter new markets, some are moving their non-core and core activities offshore to lower-cost locations and, in some cases, outsourcing to a third-party supplier. Successful outsourcing is about approaching the initiative as a transformation and not just as a transaction.

Wide Open Spaces -- The forces driving convergence are creating a situation in which attaining maximum shareholder value is beyond the capabilities of current management models. Companies must adopt an open business model, eliminating internal walls between business units and external ones between a company, its partners, and other strategic business allies.

Bridging the Gap -- The level of telecom activity and investment is especially sensitive to regulatory risk in regions with relatively low disposable income and shallow penetration of telecom services. Regulators in these regions play a pivotal role in creating an environment in which the communications industry can develop and grow.

Perspectives -- An Interview with Manoj Kohli, president of Bharti Airtel Limited, who talks about taking his company from being a leading telco to a leading brand in India.

Intended Audience: The primary audience for this publication is senior executives at all types of telecommunications companies around the world. Given the convergence topics in the magazine, it may also be of interest to E&M and Technology clients. Industry influencers (analysts, investors) and telecom boards of directors.