'Ingress' Anime Series to Air on Netflix in October

'Ingress' Screengrab - Publicity - H 2018
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Based on the augmented reality mobile game from Pokemon Go creator Niantic, the series is produced by Crafter and Fuji TV, an investor in the Google spinout.

The animated series based on augmented reality mobile game Ingress from Pokemon Go developer Niantic will screen worldwide via Netflix from October, after it airs on Japan's Fuji TV.

Ingress: The Animation was announced by Fuji in March as the first series to run in its new late-night Ultra+ anime slot. It will be produced by Tokyo animation house Crafter for Fuji, with the acclaimed Yuhei Sakuragi (Neon Genesis: Impact) directing and Takeshi Honda, art director on Neon Genesis Evangelion, designing the characters. Studio Ghibli and Production I.G. alumni Tomohiko Ishii (Ghost in the Shell 2.0) will produce.

The launch of the series on Netflix will be timed to the release of the Ingress Prime update for the game that was the forerunner to Pokemon Go. Fuji invested in Niantic before the Google spinout launched Pokemon Go in 2016.

The voice cast for the Japanese version of Ingress: The Animation will include Yoshiki Nakajima as Makoto, Reina Ueda as Sarah, Shigeo Kiyama as new character Jack and Megumi Ogata as ADA, an AI entity in the series. The English voice cast is yet to be announced.