Injured 'Spider-Man' Actor's Mother 'So Surprised This Is So Huge'

Intense interest continues for recovering Christopher Tierney who is doing 'great.’

The high interest level in the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark saga has taken the family of  injured actor Christopher Tierney by surprise.

"I'm just so surprised this is so huge," his mother Catherine Tierney tells The Hollywood Reporter. "It's huge for me since this is my son. But it's just so surprising the level of interest from the rest of the world."

She added the her son is "doing great, and will continue to do great" as he recovers from injuries suffered from a preview performance fall in the troubled Broadway production.

Christopher Tierney fell more than 20 feet in the performance earlier in the month which would have been life-threatening if he had fallen on his head as opposed to his side. Another 'Spider-Man' actress who has injured in the preparation of the Broadway production is Natalie Mendoza who is reportedly leaving the show (an official announcement on her status is expected shortly).

Christopher Tierney has expressed a desire through family members to return to Spider-Man once he recovers. As interview requests for the actor are piling up, Catherine Tierney vows to keep quiet.

"I'm waiting for my son to tell his own story," she says. "But he is doing great."