Injured 'Spider-Man' Stuntman Returns to Watch Show

Christopher Tierney, the stuntman who fractured his skull and broke three vertebrae after free falling from a platform during a Dec. 20 preview performance of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, returned to the scene of his injury Friday. Wearing a back brace decorated with Spider-Man stickers, the performer sat though the musical and told the Associated Press afterwards, "It's what I've been waiting for for the past two weeks -- to see my friends and finally watch the show."

Tierney dropped 35 feet and was sent to the hospital in critical condition after the accident, which was blamed on "human error." Tierney had not been attached to a safety strap as he should have been and the production was shut down for a couple of days to instate additional safety measures.

While watching the sequence in which he fell play out before him on the Foxwood Theater stage, Tierney said he was proud of the work he had been doing up until the accident, "As the thing’s going up, and it keeps on going, keeps on going, I was like, ’Wow.’ I kind of felt like a tang of pride. I was like, ’That’s right — I fell from that!’ And I’m going to see it two weeks later.”

Three actors/stuntmen have filled in the roles played by Tierney, who was the principal player performing Spider-Man's aerial stunts.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.