Inside Azalea Lee's Place 8 Healing Crystal Sanctuary in L.A.

Place 8 Healing - H 2015
Courtesy of Place 8 Healing

Place 8 Healing - H 2015

The costume designer turned crystal healer opens up on her career shift and all things metaphysical.

What started as an interest in making jewelry as a hobby has turned into a life-altering career move for Azalea Lee, a former wardrobe stylist and costume designer who's worked with everyone from Roman Coppola to Tilda Swinton. Now she spends her days as a crystal-healing facilitator and metaphysical jewelry designer in her recently debuted haven, Place 8 Healing, in downtown Los Angeles.

After learning how to source her own gems and being introduced to the work of gemstone cutter Jean-Noel Soni, Lee became interested in collaborating on a metaphysical fine-jewelry line ("I hadn’t found anything that I liked aesthetically or that had been made well enough," she explains), and began exploring the healing properties of crystals.

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She enrolled in her first class with Katrina Raphaell at her school, The Crystal Academy of Advanced Healing Arts, and by the end of the course, Lee knew she was onto something powerful. "I was supposed to give a crystal healing to my instructor’s friend with my instructor watching just to make sure she could help me through if I got stuck anywhere," she explains. "And at the end of it, she said to her friend, 'Can you believe this is her first time?' It made total sense to me; it was as if somebody had handed me a guitar and I could just play it."

Armed with her newfound realization, Lee devoted herself from that moment forward to continue her learning. "My aptitude for crystal healing comes not just from this life, but past lives that I had done this work in. In this one kismet moment, it all came rushing back to me."

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Fast-forward almost three years, and Lee — who continued her training and apprenticeship healing under Raphaell — has not only debuted the first pieces in her and Soni's metaphysical jewelry line, As Above So Below, but opened Place 8 Healing, a minimalist, dreamy, all-white showroom where Lee houses her growing collection of jewelry pieces (alongside a covetable selection of powerful minerals for her clients), and conducts private crystal-healing sessions and flower-essence consultations.

"Crystal healing is about really helping people on an emotional and spiritual level, and the things that are going on physically are most often tied to these emotional and spiritual issues that people are having," explains Lee.

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Sessions, which typically run two hours and cost $350 (Lee recommends only one or two a year), give clients "an intense clarity about what they need to do in their life," explains Lee, who guides clients on a metaphysical journey through the placement of crystals on their body and also hosts workshops designed to teach clients the basics of crystals and their inherent properties. 

Lee also shows customers how to gravitate toward the crystals that resonate with them intuitively. "I often tell people if you don’t know how to select a crystal, just walk into a crystal shop and choose whatever stone you're most attracted to," she says. "Even if you don’t know the metaphysical properties, you are responding even just on an aesthetic level to whatever the properties of the stone are."

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Lee herself carries phenakite, a stone which heightens her connection to crystalline knowledge, she explains. (When she holds it, the gem "vibrates really high in a very quick and fine way in my own energy field," she says.)

Adds Lee, "For someone who has spent my whole life trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing, ... in the moment after I had done this crystal healing, I realized that this was the thing that I was meant to be doing."

Place 8 Healing, 120 E. Eighth St., Suite 902, Los Angeles,