Inside Disney Star Debby Ryan's Fashionable World (Video)

The “Jessie” actress goes on a shopping spree with THR at teen-friendly LA boutique Madison t.

Debby Ryan may be a staple in the Mouse House, but that doesn’t mean she wants to look like Minnie.

“I have to be very wary of the polka dots to make sure I don’t look like Minnie Mouse,” the Disney star tells The Hollywood Reporter. “There’s a definite correlation there.”

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Ryan spoke with THR during a shopping trip at teen-friendly LA boutique Madison t, where she broke down her red carpet style, the must-have staple every girl should own, and revealed what she’s doing in the after-hours of a hot Hollywood soiree. (Hint: It involves pancakes, not cocktails. After all, the Alabama-native is only 19 years old.)

“I work on the Disney Channel, so I’m constantly surrounded by a bunch of colors,” she says, donning a pleated black leather skirt, grey T-shirt and a floppy brown hat. “My personal style is kind of affected by going for muted things, and rock ‘n’ roll, and black. Things like that.”

On the red carpet, Ryan tends to gravitate toward lace.“There’s something about lace to me,” she muses, “and I especially love mixing it with a spiky necklace or something like that.”

Her pick of the day: a beautiful rose-hued dress, short on length, but with sheer, three-quarter sleeves and a modest neckline. “This I like because it’s short, it’s a really good leg dress, but it definitely covers up and has that modesty in the arms,” she explains.

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Slightly less modest (but gorgeous all the same) is her choice for a classic LBD -- or little black dress -- the staple every girl must have in her closet.

“Invest in a good little black dress!” she tells budding fashionistas. “They’re kind of a blank palate, so you can wear them on their own or you can swap out a different necklace, tights, shoes, and kind of make it a completely different look every single time you wear it.”

For more from Ryan, watch the video above. And to find out where the starlet hangs at 2 a.m. following a red carpet event, click through to the 2:00 mark.

Ryan can be seen on Jessie, with the series’ second season debuting Friday, Oct. 5, on the Disney Channel.

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