Makeup Monday: Inside Actress and Writer Liz Carey's Beauty Bag

Liz Carey - H 2015
Courtesy of Liz Carey

Liz Carey - H 2015

The comedienne spills on her everyday must-haves (hemorrhoid cream included).

As a former model and now actress and comedienne — who has most notably been on Chelsea Lately and currently writes for and appears on TruTv’s Fameless with David Spade — Liz Carey is no stranger to long hours in the makeup chair and a life of early call times.

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Sort of like Hollywood, the contents of Carey’s makeup bag are part cool and glamorous, part raw and gritty (well, relatively speaking) — the leggy actress and talented writer leans on a few tried-and-true tricks learned over the years, plus spends plenty of time at the ballet barre, to round out her beauty regimen.


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Here Carey, who can next be seen alongside Miles Teller in Bleed for This and in Judd Apatow’s newest show, Love, spills the contents of her brightly colored embroidered beauty bag to show us how she keeps looking good, whether working long evenings in the writers' room or showing up to set for a day of filming.

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What is the beauty philosophy or rule you live by?

It’s better to look underdone than overdone, even if that takes 37 hours to achieve.

On set/movie makeup — gross or great?

It can be either. Sometimes I leave set hoping to bump into an ex, sometimes I leave set and have to explain that I am still a woman.

What’s in heavy rotation in your makeup bag?

I’m never without my Cle de Peau concealer ($70). That is all I would take to a desert island. (I would cheat of course and have them FedEx mascara and lip balm.)

What’s the best beauty tip or product discovery you’ve gotten from the makeup trailer?

So much! The secret is they are better than me. I am always shocked at what they can do in such a small amount of time and how they can do a winged eye in two minutes. Secrets? Yes, hemorrhoid cream really does remove eye bags!

Your desert island beauty item?

Oh snap, I already said I am not leaving without that concealer. I am just not OK. I will take coconut oil while I am there, because that would be my other one. I’m never not cheating on Makeup Island Survivor.

The Instagram filter you use to be most beautiful? Or look like you’re wearing makeup when you're not really wearing makeup?

Valencia. It’s the one that is basically the same as the real one, but slightly better. I don’t filter out too much stuff. I mean, I just make sure I keep a full crew of hair and makeup with me.

Your go-to beauty gurus?

Skin Style for facials, WAX on Melrose, Ballet Bodies on Beverly to keep it all in check.

In the bag: Tucks Medicated Pads (I get mine from Chanel); Chanel face powder (I love the Chanel powder strictly based on the tiny brush); coconut oil (from Trader Joe's); and Cle De Peau concealer.