New 'Inside Out' Short Features Riley's First Date

Courtesy of Disney
'Inside Out'

The short 'Riley's First Date' will be included as a bonus feature in 'Inside Out's' digital HD and Blu-ray releases.

It's time for more Inside Out.

Although plans for Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness returning for a sequel have not been announced, the beloved emotions will be returning in a new animated short. ABC News reported that new short Riley's First Date will be included as a bonus feature in the digital HD and Blu-ray releases of Inside Out.

Good Morning America aired a preview of the clip Thursday morning, showing Riley's parents running through a range of emotions as they try and process if a boy has arrived at their house for a date with their daughter. Riley's father considers the situation a red alert, while her mother tries to take the cool approach, using what she thinks is hip tween lingo to discuss the boy with Riley.

Inside Out is slated for an Oct. 13 digital HD release and a Nov. 3 Blu-ray release. The film has grossed more than $90.4 million, making it the best opening for a Pixar original film and the second-best opening for any Pixar film after Toy Story 3.

Watch the preview clip below.

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