The Ultimate Spa Treatment in Cannes: Chopard Diamonds and Green Caviar for Your Face

L.Raphael luxe mask — Publicity — H 2019

Hotel Martinez's wellness hideaway spa L.RAPHAEL debuts two new luxe treatments during the Cannes Film Festival.

Chopard jewels regularly help A-listers like Julianne Moore, Chloe Sevigny and Elle Fanning sparkle on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, but now, thanks to a new spa treatment, they can do the same for tired skin. The jewelry house, one of the official partners of the Cannes Film Festival, has teamed with Hotel Martinez's L.RAPHAEL spa on the Diamond Powder Mask, which combines Chopard's "diamond powder" and L.Raphael's anti-aging Cure-C nutraceuticals. 

L.RAPHAEL founder and president Ronit Raphael calls the collaboration with Chopard’s Caroline Scheufele "very special." She adds: "This marks the first time a luxury jewelry brand has collaborated with a luxury beauty brand." The powder acts as an exfoliator to remove dead cells from the skin’s outer layers, opening up the pores for deeper penetration of the active ingredients in the Cure-C formula, which boosts collagen production, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles, reduces pigmentation and brightens the skin. "It’s the perfect mask to prepare your skin and show off your perfect glow on the red carpet," says Raphael. But it's not for everyone: The diamond mask is an exclusive offering to VIP talent. 

Chopard diamonds aren’t the only new attraction inside L.RAPHAEL this year. The spa is also debuting a skincare collection and treatment created to harvest the health and beauty benefits of oxygen-infused green caviar. Also known as "sea grapes," green caviar is a type of seaweed with caviar-like beads that can be found in Japan, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.

L.Raphael designed its line using scientific research on the benefits of green caviar found in Okinawa, Japan. Benefits include potent effects on skin cells, an anti-oxidant activity that counteracts free radicals, strengthening of the base membrane of skin cells by stimulating production of essential proteins, including Laminin-5 and collagen IV. "Once we learned about green caviar's cellular and structural effects, a window of opportunities was opened and enabled us to develop both treatment and products that provide consumer benefits based on this natural phenomenon," explains L.Raphael’s head of research, professor Paolo Giacomoni.

L.RAPHAEL's green encapsulated oxygen caviar line spans such products as a rich cream and mask, as well as an Oxy Green Caviar Treatment used in combination with the Oxy-Jet technology for deeper penetration of the active ingredients. The cost? $1,280 for a 50-minute treatment. 

Says Raphael: "Usually there is one to two years between the launch of a new treatment and its corresponding skincare line. We are so pleased to offer both at the same time so the benefits of this innovative treatment can be enhanced with use of the skincare line at home."

In addition to the Cannes address inside the Martinez, the Geneva, Switzerland-based L.RAPHAEL has locations in New York (Four Seasons), Beverly Hills (Montage Hotel) and Jaffa (Luxury Collection Hotel). The brand is known for five-star service but also for its skincare technology, exclusive treatments, sports and relaxation, micro-nutrition, medical services and massages.

This story first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter's May 16 daily issue at the Cannes Film Festival.