'Insurgent' Director Robert Schwentke to Return to Germany for 'Hauptmann'

Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic/Getty Images
Robert Schwentke

The period drama tells the true story of German private who,in the final days of WWII, tries to escape death and destruction in the stolen uniform of a captain of the Luftwaffe.

Robert Schwentke, director of R.I.P.D., R.E.D. and Insurgent, the planned sequel in Summit Entertainment's sci-fi feature Divergent, will return to his German roots with a new project, the WWII period drama Hauptmann

Schwentke is currently in development on the film, which is being set up as a co-production between Berlin-based shingle Filmgalarie 45, Poland's Opus Film and Alfama Films in Paris.

Schwentke will also pen the script to Hauptmann, based on the true-story of Willi Herold, a private in the German army who, in the final days of WWII, steals a uniform off a dead Luftwaffe Hauptmann, or captain. With the new borrowed authority, he collects a group of dispersed soldiers about him and makes his way through war-ravaged Europe.   

Frieder Schlaich of Filmgalerie 451, Ewa Puszczynska of Opus Film and Paulo Branco of Alfama Films will produce Hauptmann. The German-Polish co-development fund has put up $55,000 (€40,000) in funds to develop the project. Hauptmann has also received script development funding from the German Federal Film Board.

Assuming it goes ahead, Hauptmann will be Schwentke's first German-language film since The Family Jewels in 2003. But Schwentke is keeping busy in Hollywood as well. He's attached to direct several international productions, including Insurgent and Allegiant, the planned sequels to Divergent, the sci-fi actioner based on the Veronica Roth YA bestsellers. Neil Burger (Limitless) directed Divergent, starring Shailene Woodley and Kate Winslet, which bows in the U.S. March 21.