Intandem has Radical idea for content


LONDON -- U.K.-based sales, production and finance house Intandem, listed here on the Alternative Investment Market, is embarking on a corporate strategy lifted straight out the pages of a comic book.

Intandem has snapped up a 5% stake in burgeoning L.A.-based comic book publisher Radical Publishing and sister movie label Blatant Pictures for an undisclosed amount.

"We are very excited about this deal. It fits perfectly into our strategy, providing us with another source of quality commercial product for studios and top distributors," Intandem CEO Gary Smith said in an interview.

Smith, who has steered the company from scratch to a floated company on AIM in less than five years, says his ambition is to create a company that can be involved with movie opportunities early.

The stake gives Smith and company access to a growing empire steered by Radical president and publisher Barry Levine, a former business partner with Mike Richardson and Dark Horse Entertainment, whose credits include "Timecop" and "Hell Boy."

Levine is the executive producer on the comic-book adaptation "Rex Mundi" at Warner Bros. and Initial Entertainment Group, with Johnny Depp's company Infinitum Nihil producing along with Richardson.

Through the linkup, Intandem will be the sales agent for all Radical Publishing and Blatant Pictures output, with Intandem taking executive producer credits on projects with the remit to source financing for all forthcoming products.

As a stakeholder, the British company also will participate in all Radical revenue, film, television, toys and animation opportunities.

Intandem also aims to help broker deals with Hollywood studio labels. The company recently struck a deal with Paramount Pictures International to take English-speaking theatrical rights to Bob Weide's "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People."

Levine, speaking in an interview from Los Angeles, said Intandem beat out about a dozen companies to take a stake in Radical's future output.

"Gary (Smith) and his team really understand what our company's goal and vision is. They got beyond the 2-D content and saw that we share a desire to give people quality, and you can't make that promise if you are always giving away rights to the content you create," Levine said. "I want Intandem to help us expand in movies and participate in them."

Radical is prepping a major debut at this year's San Diego Comic-Con show, taking several properties to the shindig, including imagery from "Hercules," currently out to directors, with Universal's Rogue Pictures producing.

Radical's slate also includes Sam Sarkar's comic creation "Caliber," which is being produced with Infinitum Nihil, Terrance Chang and John Woo for Lionrock Prods., with Woo attached to direct.

Intandem also will exec produce and sell "Legends," to be directed by Patrick Tatopoulos, the renowned production and creature designer on a host of movies including "I, Robot," "Underworld" and "Stargate."

"With our increased access to finance and high-level projects ... we would expect to have four high-profile titles per year creating a quality slate over the next five years," Smith said.