Integral to co-produce 'The Last Call'

3D-animated docu-fiction about the Dalai Lama

PARIS -- The Dalai Lama is getting a makeover with Integral Films signing on to co-produce French director Jan Kounen's 3D-animated docu-fiction about the Tibetan leader, the film's co-producer Lotus Productions' Manuel Collas de la Roche confirmed Tuesday.

Previously announced as "The Secret History of the Dalai Lamas," the film is now titled "The Last Call" and will be co-directed by Kounen and Anne Paris, based on a script written by Jean-Claude Carriere.

Collas de la Roche and Paul Vilano's Lotus Productions will produce the film alongside Alfred Huermer's German production house Integral Film. The €4M ($4.9 million) production will shoot in October and November of 2010.

"The Last Call" will focus on Tibetan culture and the history of the Dalai Lama through time, featuring real documentary footage and interviews with the current Dalai Lama plus fictionalized representations.

Lotus Productions will also partner with Integral Film on "Heaven & Earth," the untold story of German pilot Erwin Dold, a prison camp commander of the Nazi Third Reich acquitted of charges after the war for his compassion for 5,000 prisoners.

Shooting will kick off in February of 2011 for the film that will star German actor Matthias Schweighofer in the title role. Producers are hoping to cast Gerard Depardieu and Jean Reno.

Lotus is also in pre-production on Capucine Henry's "Shambhavi" with exec producer Only Dreams India. The story about a small Indian goddess and close friend of the Dalai Lama will start shooting in Spring of 2011.