Interactive Ads Coming to Freeform in TrueX Partnership (Exclusive)

Pretty Little Liars - H 2016
Courtesy of Freeform/ABC Family

The Fox-owned company also works with ABC and Viacom.

The advertising experience for Freeform shows is about to change. 

The cable network owned by Disney|ABC Television Group will begin to run interactive advertisements from technology firm TrueX on its online and mobile platforms. 

Owned by 21st Century Fox, TrueX has developed a product that gives viewers the option to engage with an ad in exchange for shorter commercial breaks during the shows they are watching. For example, a commercial break that falls in the middle of a show can be shortened to 30 seconds if they interact with an ad first. 

These ads will soon become available on Freeform's website, iOS app and on Freeform shows that stream on Hulu

"We've worked with ABC Television for a long time; it was the first non-Fox partner to experiment with our product," says TrueX vp business development Matt Howe, adding that the relationship led to conversations around launching with Freeform. "They have such an interesting demographic skewed toward younger millennial audiences that we, from a publisher network side, have been challenged to connect with." 

He explains that millennials are more open to new forms of advertising, so they are ideal targets for TrueX's products. Meanwhile, the company works with a large number of brands in areas like fashion and sportswear that will be attracted by the audience that shows like Pretty Little Liars and The Fosters draw. 

TrueX's proposition to the TV networks is that it helps create an environment in which ads are less intrusive. "We have made a big commitment to delivering content in the ways our viewers want to consume it," says Laura Nathanson, executive vp sales and marketing at Freeform. "Additionally, advertisers are interested in audience engagement, and TrueX is a good step in meeting both audience and advertiser needs." 

Freeform will join a growing list of networks, including those owned by Viacom and Fox Networks Group, using TrueX's ads on their online video platforms.