Interactive Emmy winners kept on hold


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CANNES -- The winners of this year's Interactive Emmy Awards might have to wait a while before they have a chance to heft the iconic winged statuette. The golden Emmys en route to Cannes for the third annual Interactive Emmy gala Tuesday night have been held up in customs.

At a press conference in Cannes Monday, red-faced organizers from the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences admitted they weren't certain the Emmys would arrive in time.

"We don't know if we will have them by tomorrow night, but you will get them soon, we promise," one organizer said to the assembled crowd of journalists and nominees.

If the Emmys don't clear customs, Tuesday's winners will have to share the one official statuette that the Academy brought over in its hand luggage.

The Academy also intended to present Interactive Emmy nominees with official medals Monday but these too were held up by customs. Instead, in a scene reminiscent of a little league tournament, the Academy presented the nominees for best interactive TV service, interactive channel and interactive program with generic medallions purchased by a quick thinking employee from one of the shops in Cannes.