'The Intercept' Reporters: Our 'Serial' Article Is "Being Held Hostage"

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"Our response and part 2 is being held hostage by a fearless, adversarial, outlet"

The Intercept reporters Natasha Vargas-Cooper and Ken Silverstein have responded to backlash from Serial fans following their article featuring an interview with Kevin Urick, the lead prosecutor in the case against Adnan Syed. The article criticized host Sarah Koenig's reporting, calling her efforts to contact Urick "underwhelming" and the "most troubling part" of the podcast.

The article also implied that Koenig favored the defense for storytelling purposes, while Urick himself critiqued Koenig and denied he had been contacted multiple times by Serial. On Thursday, Serial defended its reporting and fact-checking on Twitter. Vargas-Cooper and Silverstein, in turn, stood by their reporting and explained why they had not published a response to Serial, nor the second part of their interview with Urick.

Vargas-Cooper originally said part two would be published late Thursday or early Friday and then later said of the delay, "My outlet decided to consult with a number of other editors to see how they felt. Ate up time." One of her tweets claimed their response was "being held hostage," posting this just as the France hostage crisis unfolded on Friday. 

Here is a look at what the reporters had to say about their Serial reporting.