Newly Merged International 3D Society And 3D@Home Consortium Names Board

3D International Society Home Consortium - H 2012

3D International Society Home Consortium - H 2012

Disney’s Howard Lukk is chair-elect.

The International 3D Society & 3D@Home Consortium—two organizations that last week were merged into one—have released the names of its new board of governors and officers. 

Co-chairs Tom Cosgrove, president and CEO of 3net; and Dan Schinasi, senior marketing manager at Samsung Electronics America were announced last week along with the merger announcement.

Joining them on the executive board are chair-elect Howard Lukk, vp of digital production technology, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures (with Disney’s director of advanced technology Mike DeValue as his alternate); as well as first vice-chair/treasurer Kappei Morishita, of Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory; vice-chair/secretary Pete Lude of Sony (and his alternate, Sony’s Toshino Yuhaku), vice-chair Phil Corriveau of Intel; Jim Mainard of DreamWorks Animation; and 3D inventor Lenny Lipton. The society’s president and CEO Jim Chabin and Pat Dunn of Dunn & Pariser, CPA will also serve on the executive committee.

Elected to the board of governors are Grant Anderson of Sony Pictures, Chris Armbrust of THX, cinematographer Matt Blute, John Cassy of bSkyb, Chuck Comisky of Chromium Labs 3D, Maria Costeira of XpanD 3D, and Ron Geller of Dolby.

Alternate are Jana Spotts, Rick Heineman of RealD, Kay Johansen of MobiTV, Louis B.J. Kim of Samsung, Lily Knowles of Vizio, Matt Liszt of MasterImage 3D, Steve Schklair of 3ality Technica, William Sherak of StereoD, Lisa Truitt of National Geographic Cinema Ventures, and Bob Whitehill of Pixar.