International Emmy Kids Awards: Winners List

Polseres Vermelles - H 2015


The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has handed out its 3rd International Emmy Kids Awards.

Presenters included Emma Kenney (Shameless), Evan Roe (Madam Secretary) and Brennan Clost (The Next Step). The winners spanned series from Chile, France, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom. It was held at Pier 60 at Chelsea Piers, in New York City.

Kids: Series

Polseres Vermelles (The Red Band Society)

Televisió de Catalunya / Castelao Pictures


Executive Producers: Susanna Jiménez, Conxa Orea, Sandra Fernández, Julio Fernández, Carlos Fernández, Pau Freixas, Albert Espinosa

Director: Pau Freixas

Writers: Albert Espinosa, Ivan Mercade, Pau Freixas

The Red Band Society is a story of friendship, overcoming obstacles and the will to live.


Kids: Non-Scripted Entertainment

Wild Kids

Jarowskij Enterprises / SVT – Sveriges Television


Executive Producer: Lisa Andrae, Anna Hallberg

Producer: Magnus Larsson

Director: Magnus Larsson

Principal Cast: Rickard Olsson (Host)

Ten Swedish children travel to the deep forests of Dalecarlia to compete in ‘Wild Kids.' They are divided into two teams, The Bears and The Lions, and from now on, it’s a fierce battle to win the competition. At stake is a trip to Africa where a treasure awaits.


Kids: Preschool

Mike The Knight

HIT Entertainment / Nelvana Limited

United Kingdom 

Executive Producers: Marion Edwards, Colin Bohm, Irene Weibel

Producers: Denise Green, Jane Sobol, Jamie Piekarz

Director: Charles E. Bastien

Writers: Marc Seal (Head Writer), Tom Stevenson, Laura Beaumont, Paul Larson

Principal Cast: Trek Buccino, Erin Pitt, Alyson Court, Martin Roach, Andrew Sabiston, Nissae Isen, Matteo Bragoli, Beth Chalmers, Teresa Gallagher, Bob Golding

For Mike and his sister Evie, growing up in the Kingdom of Glendragon is an exciting, magical experience. They encounter trolls and Vikings, use trebuchets and enchantments and discover new characters and fresh locations - creating even more challenges for them to overcome


Kids: Factual

Con Que Suenas? (What's Your Dream?) Season 2

Mi Chica Producciones / CNTV / TVN


Executive Producer: Paula Gomez Vera

Producer: Francisca Urrutia

Director: Paula Gomez Vera

Writers: Carla Higueras, Juan Andres Condon

What’s Your Dream? is a documentary series which shows the contrasts and diversity of Chile through the lives of 7 to 13 year-old children from diverse locations in the country.


Kids: Animation

The Jungle Bunch to the Rescue

TAT Productions / Master Films


Executive Producer: Jean-François Tosti

Producer: Jean-François Tosti

Director: David Alaux

Writers: Jean-François Tosti, Eric Tosti, David Alaux, Julien Fournet

If there’s a problem or an injustice in the jungle, no worry: pull the signal of the Jungle Bunch and they will rush to the rescue! It is impossible to get bored with these heroes, always ready for adventure. On top of that, their relationships are endless sources of comedy!


Kids: TV Movie/Mini-Series

Alles mag (Anything Goes)



Producers: Joram Willink, Piet-Harm Sterk

Director: Steven Wouterlood

Writers: Maarten van Voornveld, Chiel van der Wolf, Steven Wouterlood

Principal Cast: Lars Jennissen, Indy Aponno, Patrick Stoof, Ricky Koole, Rosa Reuten, Bert Hana


After moving to Amsterdam, Tygo gives a class talk about Carnival. What starts as a general explanation of the festival, turns into a personal poignant account. Although his father always says that anything goes with Carnival, his father also shows him that even with Carnival, one can go too far.