Internet Abuzz After Naked Justin Bieber Photos Are Leaked

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Justin Bieber at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards

Pictures of the singer wearing nothing but his guitar -- while serenading his own grandmother -- surfaced early Monday.

Justin Bieber recently got buck-naked and serenaded one of his biggest fans.

So who was this lucky lady?

His grandmother. Yep, you read that right.

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The Biebs stripped down and sang a tune for his grandmother while visiting her in Toronto over Thanksgiving last year. The 19-year-old singer at least had the decency to cover up his privates -- with a guitar.

According to TMZ, which posted the revealing photos early Monday, Bieber had been staying at her house over the holiday and overslept. After finally waking up to the sounds of his family and friends, he decided to play a prank on them by "playing a naked set a la Jenny from Forrest Gump," TMZ reports.

He reportedly crooned to his grandmother such lyrics as "I loooove you grandmaaaa ... how are youuuu ... helloooo grandma."

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According to TMZ, his grandmother thought the whole thing was funny, but "begged" him to get back inside to put his clothes back on.

Of course, the Internet was abuzz over the photos. Outlets ranging from USA Today to the Toronto Sun to the New Zealand Herald posted news stories about the images.

Meanwhile, reactions on Twitter ranged from envious to snarky. A sample:

Bieber, meanwhile, has not yet responded to the photo leak, tweeting only this: