Internet Fashion Critics Roast Justin Timberlake's Super Bowl Look

Justin Timberlake Half Time Show - Screengrab - H 2018

"Justin Timberlake looks like someone asked a deer to draw a businessman."

What a week to be Justin Timberlake. 

On Friday, the singer released his first new album in five years, and while some called Man of the Woods "genre-defiant" and "avant garde," a majority of reviews panned JT's new sound, (in the words of Pitchfork's Jamieson Cox, "At 66 minutes, Man of the Woods is a mile long and an inch deep"). Others simply panned his new "mountain man" image. 

So all eyes were on Timberlake as he returned to the scene of the crime — the Super Bowl halftime show stage, where 14 years ago he exposed Janet Jackson's breast on national TV.

Again, reviews of his performance were mixed, with some criticizing the 37-year-old for failing to acknowledge the Jackson scandal, while others blasted his Prince tribute, claiming that Prince was a noted Timberlake hater. 

But performance and "Super Bowl selfie" kid aside, Timberlake was also the target of plenty of amateur fashion critics. His mountain man-meets-gentleman ensemble, custom-made for the singer by Stella McCartney and paired with #sponsored Jump Mans, received equally mixed reviews from adoring fans.

See the best reactions below: