Internet is main gateway to cash and Forbes cachet


Internet entrepreneurs are leading the way for billionaires in the entertainment industry on Forbes Magazine's annual list of the world's billionaires, which the magazine unveiled Thursday.

Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates tops the list, with his former partner and Charter Communications chairman and controlling shareholder, Paul Allen, and Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin also ranking in the top 30.

Gates is No. 1 on the business magazine's list for the 13th consecutive year with a net worth of $56 billion, up from $50 billion last year.

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffet, who is donating much of his fortune to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, came in second with $52 billion.

Allen is 19th on the list with $18 billion, down from No. 6 last year with a $22 billion.

Google founders Page and Brin both came in at No. 26 on the list, each of them worth $16.6 billion. Both increased their worth by $4 billion from last year.

There were 946 billionaires overall this year, up 153 from last year, with a total worth of $3.5 trillion, up $900 billion from 2006.

"The growth is a reflection of a dynamic global economy," said Steve Forbes, the magazine's editor in chief and CEO. "The best cure for poverty is free markets and free people."
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