The Internet Is Obsessed With 'Making a Murderer' Lawyer's 2000s Style

Lawyer Dean Strang  - H 2016
Courtesy of Netflix

As they should be.

If you have a Netflix account (or access to your college roommate's cousin's mom's account), chances are you spent your long holiday break marathoning the Internet's latest obsession: Making a Murderer.

During your 12-hour binge, it's also likely that you got very familiar with Steven Avery's defense team — particularly Dean Strang, or as the super fans have referred to him, Atticus Finch 2.0. 

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As one-half of the series' compassionate, moral heroes (the other being fellow good-guy attorney Jerry Buting), Strang has been the subject of Twitter crush after Twitter crush, with some enthusiastic supporters going as far as to declare the bespectacled lawyer an outright sex symbol. But what we should be focusing on is Strang's sexy early 2000s wardrobe. 


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Naturally, a Tumblr page has been established to pay homage to the lawyer's impeccable style — namely his cable-knit sweaters, argyle socks, oversized button-downs (complete with fresh iron creases) and his impeccable pattern-mixing skills. #StrangCore, as his Steve Jobs-esque style has been deemed, is essentially the fashion version of the Internet's dad-bod obsession. You shouldn't like it, but you do. 

Never change, Dean Strang.