Google's Eric Schmidt's Cameo Cut from 'The Internship'

Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in 'The Internship'

The chairman of the search engine giant says if the movie -- set at the company's Mountain View, Calif. headquarters -- is "a little embarrassing, it'll be fine."

This story first appeared in the May 31 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

"I had a cameo, and it got cut," said Google chairman Eric Schmidt with a laugh, referring to the new Owen Wilson-Vince Vaughn comedy The Internship, which is set at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.
Schmidt talked about the movie during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter regarding his just-published book The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business, which he co-wrote with Jared Cohen, who heads the company's in-house think tank, Google Ideas, and is a former State Department advisor to Hilary Clinton.
When asked whether he had any fears that the Shawn Levy-directed Fox film (out June 7) -- about two middle-aged salesmen looking to rejuvenate their careers by landing internships at the company -- would make the tech giant look bad, Schmidt was nonchalant.
"The people who read it before filming started said, 'This is hilarious, and if it's a little embarrassing, it'll be fine.' One of the rules at Google is, you can be serious without wearing a suit. From my perspective, if you want to do a silly movie about Google, let's talk about it."