'Interstellar': Matthew McConaughey Reveals What Happened During Mysterious First Meeting With Christopher Nolan

The actor and the director spoke for three hours — but didn't discuss the script

Christopher Nolan fans talk about the agony of waiting to hear what his upcoming mysterious projects are about. Well, that can be the same even if you're potentially going to star in one of them, as Matthew McConaughey learned.

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"I don't know the title, I don't know what it's about or anything. I fly in," the actor tells The Hollywood Reporter. "We go in his office and we talk for three hours. Not one word about the film, not what it was about. I came away knowing nothing else about the film. We talked about who we are as 43-year-old men, talked about who we are as [fathers], talked about our kids. We talked about some other films and work and just got really a sense of each other. And so when I walked out, I had a little bit of, 'OK, what was that?' I think he wanted to see who I was.

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Watch the video above to see Nolan's take on the whole incident.

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