'The Interview': First Poster for Seth Rogen and James Franco's Action Comedy

The film, focusing on an attempt to assassinate Kim Jong Un, hits theaters on Oct. 10.

Seth Rogen and James Franco are capitalist pigs. At least, that's what the first poster for their upcoming action comedy The Interview would have you believe. 

Rogen shared the poster on his Twitter page today, with the film's trailer set to be released later this week. 

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The poster features Rogen and Franco's concerned faces as they look off into the distance. Also pictured is North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (as portrayed by actor Randall Park), along with tanks, bombs and soldiers holding intimidating looking guns.

In the film, Franco plays a charismatic talk-show host who flies to North Korea with his producer (Rogen). Just before their trip, they are approached by the CIA and asked to assassinate Jong Un. Presumably, their foes in this film are likely to be more diabolical than the ones Rogen and Franco faced in 2008's Pineapple Express.

Lizzy Caplan also stars. Rogen and Evan Goldberg co-directed the film from a script they wrote with Dan Sterling (writer on Girls and The Office). 

Columbia Pictures releases The Interview on Oct. 10.

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