'The Interview' to Hit Mexican Theaters

Ed Araquel
'The Interview'

After a limited U.S. release, the controversial film is expanding internationally

Sony Pictures will release The Interview on some 200 Mexican screens on Feb. 6.

The film's wide U.S. release was initially canceled on Dec. 17 after theater chains refused to screen the picture due to terror threats from a hacking group. But it later got a limited release and has grossed over $5 million since Dec. 25.

In digital sales and rentals, The Interview has raked in more than $31 million.

By Mexican standards, 200 screens is a modest release, but the comedy apparently will be getting an added boost on Feb. 6 when it hits U.K. cinemas as well, according to The Independent.

The movie, whose plot includes the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, prompted a cyberattack on Sony, followed later by the threats.

The Spanish-language title is Una Loca Entrevista (A Crazy Interview), perhaps a more fitting title given all the recent controversy surrounding the film.